Super Bowl Market February 1st! 10am-2pm inside Harrison Place

Boho Chic Designs

My name is Lorraine aka Lulu.

My love of jewelry and purses bean at a very young age. My Mom who was widowed at 35 decided to help supplement her income by selling jewelry to her co-workers at her factory job. Every Sat. morning we would drive to the jewelry district in N.Y.C  to make a purchase. My Mom would let me pick items out.

As years passed I make my career in the hospitality industry. I love dressing up and wearing cool clothes and jewelry.

My husband and I began traveling to many countries. I was attracted to the unique jewelry and different items of each country. I began making purchases and connections.

I joined the Lockport Community Market during the 1st year. We were only an outdoor market. It was challenging due to the weather conditions and still is. My love for what I do is the people I meet and the vendors.  A few of us have been together since day one. We have all become a family that is happy for one another when we have a good selling day. Throughout the years I have formed friendships with my customers.

This year I have begun creating unique one of kind necklaces. They are made with vintage pieces that have been recreated. I am also creating a bedazzled line of purses.

I attribute my success to my Mom who has joined the Lord. She was and still is my greatest cheerleader. I am truly blessed